4063 Galapagos Way - Sold by Garry Eberhardt

By Troy Palmquist
Posted on October 18, 2017

At The Address, we do things differently than the average brokerage. Like turning a JUST SOLD postcard into a juicy Tell-All on how The Address sold 4063 Galapagos Way in just 14 days at 99% list price!

Behind the Scenes

Our listing agent, Garry Eberhardt, worked with a professional photographer to shoot lifestyle photos with eye-catching styling that captured the spirit of the home —a bright blue pot on the stove and kale on the counter. When I saw the photos, my imagination went straight to steaks sizzling on the grill while I lounged on the patio sipping wine from my favorite winery, Hundred Acre. A picture is worth a thousand words. So true.

Garry hit it out of the park with a broker tour with boxed lunches and an ice cream truck at the Open House. And did you see the For Sale sign in the front yard with Garry’s picture on it? NO, that would be crazy. The sign displayed photos of the home’s interior – what homebuyers really want to see.  

Our congratulations go out to Garry and the team at The Address for their unstinting attention to details, which resulted in this 3-bedroom 2-bath home selling for $825,000 — 99% list to sales price! If you are considering selling your home, or are just curious about the value of your property, give Garry a call or send him an email. I’m betting there are a few more juicy tidbits he will share!